Some Pictures

Kiki's Bistro

A recent dinner party. From the left:

  1. Esther, teacher, roommate 2001-2002
  2. Steve, allergist, roommate 1998-1999
  3. Jamey, friend
  4. Simon
  5. Maria, opthalmologist, roommate 2001-2002
  6. Ben, friend, now married to Maria
  7. Devin, computer dude, roommate 1993-1997

Dan's Wedding

A recent wedding. From the left:

  1. Brian, the best man
  2. Simon, groomsman
  3. Daniel, the groom, roommate 1999-2001
  4. Wookie, groomsman, roommate 1999-2001

Charles Street

Simon with Sarah, roommate 2002-2003.

Christmas 2004

Here, Simon and his current roommate Michelle decorate the 2004 tree. They are both infused with the Spirit of Christmas as well as the Spirit of Vodka.

Jackson Park Bunny

Jackson the lop-eared rabbit sits on her favorite spot on Esther's coffee table. She was abandoned at a local golf course, was rescued by Daniel, and now lives with Simon. Jackson lives in her cage when Simon is out, but often runs free. She is pretty clean and begs for food like a vegetarian dog.

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